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Thinking about newborns that after nine months of life spent in a tight stomach, have the best feeling in a limited space, Cotton & Sweets has created the Baby nest.

It fulfills many functions:

in the baby cot it limits the space, which makes the baby feel safer

It provides safe sleep, the soft sides protect the child,

After removing the strings, the baby nest perfectly fulfills the role of a changing table, or mini playmat to exercises on the belly, very important for the child's development.

After removing the mattress, you can wash the baby nest in the washing machine in 30 degrees.

External dimension: 98 cm x 59 cm (+/-)

Internal dimension: 70 cm x 42 cm (+/-)

Composition: 100% cotton

Filling: polyester ball

Sponge mattress with Certificate OEKO-TEX Standard 100

used for the production of baby bed mattresses.

Mattress height: 3 cm

Certificate: OEKO-TEX




A baby nest can not be treated as a baby carrier - never carry the baby in the baby nest!


Always place the baby nest on a flat surface and use only under adult supervision.



Baby Nest Boho Powder Pink

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